"Blues is the teacher... Punk is the preacher"

"Blues is the teacher... Punk is the preacher"

Our Story

If music is food for the soul, then The BellRays are Thanksgiving and they know how to cook. The BellRays strip down to the meat of what music means to them. Growing up in SoCal, they thrived on radio channels that broadcast more than one kind of music. It was a party. ‘Punk Funk Rock Soul’ is their party with their songs and friends.

“We take our ear where our heart lives in simple song-writing, making ourselves and hopefully all who hear it feel good,” explains singer Lisa Kekaula. “We are proud of its simplicity and love how the new songs sound like old friends. This release is a collection of songs that illustrates why we do what we do. We are not 20 year-olds and that’s okay. We are proud of our mileage and journey and PUNK FUNK ROCK SOUL validates our comfort in what music means to us. Viability, trend and meaning are up to the eye of the beholder. For the record…we like to rock.”


Genres: The BellRays is an all-original, high energy, Punk, Funk, Rock and Soul band.

Compared to: The BellRays is frequently compared to/described as "The Stooges meet Aretha Franklin"." Tina Turner and the MC5", "James Brown being kicked in the balls by the Who"

Influences: The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Cream, Stevie Wonder, Etta James, Oscar Brown Jr., Prince, Michael Jackson

Motivation: We do it because we must. Who else is gonna do it?

Career Goal: For the audience to be involved and responsive.

Inspiration: Always doing something that matters.

Landmarks: Surviving the first tour. Playing Redding Festival. My first TV performance (Canal Plus, Paris FR)

Sucesses: Having been able to perform for a living for the last 18 years.

Music Description: The BellRays is a high energy, Rock and Roll band. Come and see us and form your own opinions.

Why do it: We’re good at it. We love doing it. People keep coming to shows.

Target: Our audience is anyone of any age, race, or gender who loves music. They love interaction with a band on stage. They like the fact that what we do is real and honest.







The BellRays (1990)

In the Light of the Sun (1993)

Let It Blast (1998)

Grand Fury (2000)

Meet the BellRays (2002)

Raw Collection (2003)

The Red, White and Black (2003)

Raw Collection, vol 2 (2005)

Have a Little Faith (2006)

Hard Sweet and Sticky (2008)

Merry Xmas (2009)

Black Lightning (2010)

Punk Funk Rock Soul - Vol 2 (2018)




Wall of Soul - 7" (1995)

A Vital Gesture Xmas (1996)

Punk, Rock & Soul w/Streetwalkin' Cheetahs (1999)

Good Thing/ Half a Mind - 7" (1998)

The BellRays/Fireballs of Freedom - 7" (1999)

The BellRays/ Adam West - 7" (1999)

Suicide Baby - 7" (2000)

Fire on the Moon - tester (2002)

They Glued Your Head On Upside-Down - tester (2002)

Get It Right/ Chain on You - 7" (2003)

Smash the Hits - 8" (2003)

Warhead/ Swingin' the Blade - 7" (2003)

Lion's Den - 7" (2003)

Le Cornichones - 7" (2006)

Tell the Lie - 7" (2006)

Covers  (2016)

Punk Funk Rock Soul Vol. 1 (2017)