Punk, Rock, Soul Band

Sunshine day

So we decided to do something special for our new tour and to shake off the last remnants of the "Cold-Front." We've changed our theme and let the sunshine in. So often we don't get a chance to do everything we would want to to the website or social media mostly because we have so many other things to do when you are not on the road or in the studio. We are so grateful for the fans we have and these multiple ways to communicate with them. We are making an effort to create more creative bits than just music. I've also made some changes to the way comments can be made on the site after spending a few hours weeding through quite a few posts by "bots" that had nothing to do with the folks I made this site for in the first place. You now have to sign in to post. It really isn't to make it harder it's actually to make it softer and more personal so please do not take offense.

In addition to the website changes we have a new tour to Europe starting on May 22nd. The dates have been posted under SHOWS and are listed on two pages even though it looks like one because the maximum number of show that can post on one page is 20. That might be too much information but I get asked a lot so just click "2" to see the rest of the dates. 

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. We have more to post and trying to get better at doing that. Every visitor we get here is appreciated.

  --  oxo Lisa