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We are foodies and we love to talk about how much we love food. We are fortunate to travel so many places and try food...well everywhere. We get the recommendations then try what we come close to. Cinco de Mayo is coming up and all I can see is taco stands. Delicious! Can you help guide us to play near you by letting us know what awesome food stands you love? 



Until recently I almost always sold merch for the band after every show we ever played. Each night I would towel off quickly if the layout of the club allowed and make my way to the merch booth to meet fans and sell swag. To be truthful, this is not always something I look forward to. Our shows are exhausting and I could do for a good rest after the last note. One night on my way a small young woman tapped me on the shoulder as I hurried through the crowd to get to the table. She spoke quiet but deliberately. I was of course trying to make my way back and telling her to follow me as she spoke which she did. I do not remember exactly what she said and I could not tell you what she looked like if my life depended on it but it was clear to me that she did not feel comfortable speaking to me maybe because she was nervous but I got a sense that it was more like she didn’t do much conversing in general. She told me in so many words that seeing us play and more specifically me sing fed her soul. She implied that what we just did on stage was more than she expected and she was grateful that she was there to receive it. At some point while she was talking I stopped walking to take her in and she told me that she was so moved that she started crying while we played. As a matter of fact she began crying while she told me how she felt. She said she had to thank me. I was stunned. I was moved. I was grateful for her determination to speak to me and tell me what I meant to her. I gave her the biggest hug I could without squeezing her to death. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. I realized that there are so many stories that I may be a part of but will never know because someone couldn’t stay until the end of the show or the merch line was too long or something else got in the way. Before she took the time to let me know what I meant to her I had no idea how much she would forever mean to me. 



/forumSo often we go on the road and play a show and hear folks call out a song they want to hear during a set. We hear you and apologize for not being able to accommodate. For the record we want to know what song is “THE” song you love and that you want to hear. Maybe it’s a song you have a great memory of or just has meaning to you. We want to hear what you think. 




Our fans give us purpose and we want to know who you are. 

We’re updating our site, changing the way we do things, and have some upcoming announcements with bonus goodies! We’ll be asking you questions and appreciate all the feedback we can get.  

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Happy New Year 2019! We are hitting the road.  

The BellRays are hitting the road in a month to kick the life into those cold winter nights in the brand new year. We are bringing our special brand of punk, rock and soul to the following towns in the western United States..practically to your front door. We can’t wait to spend some quality time rockin’ the homeland. We will be hitting the following states specifically: California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Texas. Currently the dates on the website feed to BandsInTown and all the dates have not been posting properly. We hope to have that cleared up this week so you can purchase your tickets well in advance. Our partners in crime for most of the shows will be the Atom Age. See you soon!

Spanish shows start in October 

We are pleased to announce our Spanish tour starts next week on October 5th and continues into October 20th. Do not miss these shows. We want to punk-funk-rock-soul you right on up! Check out our show listing under SHOWS.

On in Europe tour this spring. Get tickets now. #RockShow! 


Tuesday, May 22 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Loppen in Copenhagen, DenmarkLOPPEN, COPENHAGEN 
Wednesday, May 23 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Tobaken in Esbjerg, DenmarkTOBAKEN, ESBJERG, SOUTH DENMARK 
Thursday, May 24 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ 1000 Fyrd in Aalborg, Denmark1000 FYRD, AALBORG, NORTH JUTLAND 
Friday, May 25 @ 9:00PMThe BellRays @ Hafenklang - Goldener Salon in Hamburg, GermanyHAFENKLANG - GOLDENER SALON, HAMBURG, HH 
Saturday, May 26 @ 4:00PMThe BellRays @ Sniester 2018 in The Hague, NetherlandsSNIESTER 2018, THE HAGUE, SOUTH HOLLAND 
Monday, May 28 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ LE P'TIT MINOU in Brest, FranceLE P'TIT MINOU, BREST 
Tuesday, May 29 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Sterolux in Nantes, FranceSTEROLUX, NANTES, LOIRE REGION 
Wednesday, May 30 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Bombshell in Clermont-Ferrand, FranceBOMBSHELL, CLERMONT-FERRAND, 98 
Friday, June 1 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ La Batterie in Guyancourt, FranceLA BATTERIE, GUYANCOURT 
Saturday, June 2 @ 4:00PMThe BellRays @ Wanagain Festival in Clénay, FranceWANAGAIN FESTIVAL, CLÉNAY, BURGUNDY-FRANCHE-COMTE 
Sunday, June 3 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Café Central in Weinheim, GermanyCAFÉ CENTRAL, WEINHEIM, 01 
Monday, June 4 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Goldmarks in Stuttgart, GermanyGOLDMARKS, STUTTGART, BW 
Tuesday, June 5 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Freakshow in Essen, GermanyFREAKSHOW, ESSEN, NW 
Wednesday, June 6 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Vera in Groningen, NetherlandsVERA, GRONINGEN, THE NETHERLANDS 
Thursday, June 7 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Db's in Utrecht, NetherlandsDB'S, UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS 
Friday, June 8 @ 8:00PMThe BellRays @ Cafe Wilhelmina in Eindhoven, NetherlandsCAFE WILHELMINA, EINDHOVEN, NORTH BRABANT 
Saturday, June 9 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ AU-FEST in Frankfurt, GermanyAU-FEST, FRANKFURT, 05 
Sunday, June 10 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Wild at Heart in Berlin, GermanyWILD AT HEART, BERLIN 
Tuesday, June 12 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Rock Cafe in Prague, Czech RepublicROCK CAFE, PRAGUE, PRAGUE 
Wednesday, June 13 @ 8:00PMThe BellRays @ Arena Wien in Vienna, AustriaARENA WIEN, VIENNA

Thursday, June 14 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Hard Place in Zagreb, CroatiaHARD PLACE, ZAGREB, ZAGREB 
Friday, June 15 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Bad Music Boogaloo in Belgrade, Serbia And MontenegroBAD MUSIC BOOGALOO, BELGRADE, 02 
Saturday, June 16 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Border Rock in Kladovo, SerbiaBORDER ROCK, KLADOVO, CENTRALNA SRBIJA 
Sunday, June 17 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ SKNS Fabrika in Novi Sad, SerbiaSKNS FABRIKA, NOVI SAD, VOJVODINA 
Tuesday, June 19 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ MKNZ in Ilirska Bistrica, SloveniaMKNZ, ILIRSKA BISTRICA 
Wednesday, June 20 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Latteria Molloy in Brescia, ItalyLATTERIA MOLLOY, BRESCIA, LOMB. 
Thursday, June 21 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Festa Della Musica in Arco, ItalyFESTA DELLA MUSICA, ARCO, TR.A.A. 
Friday, June 22 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Astro club in Pordenone, ItalyASTRO CLUB, PORDENONE, 06 
Saturday, June 23 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Cascina Bellaria Music Club in Sezzadio, ItalyCASCINA BELLARIA MUSIC CLUB, SEZZADIO, PIEM. 
Sunday, June 24 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Blah Blah in Turin, ItalyBLAH BLAH, TURIN, PIEDMONT 
Wednesday, June 27 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ GOB in Lucca, ItalyGOB, LUCCA, 16 
Thursday, June 28 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Traffic Club in Rome, ItalyTRAFFIC CLUB, ROME, 07 
Friday, June 29 @ 6:00PMThe BellRays @ IndieRocket in Pescara, ItalyINDIEROCKET, PESCARA, ABR. 
Saturday, June 30 @ 7:00PMThe BellRays @ Hana Bi in Ravenna, ItalyHANA BI, RAVENNA, 05